Fixed and removable dentures

Fixed dentures

fiksna-protetika-300x200We produce tooth veneers and bridges that are permanently cemented onto the teeth. The veneer is used to replace irregularities on each tooth, while bridges are used to replace missing teeth after preliminarily polishing of the neighbouring teeth which are used as supports of the bridge. The dental centre provides you with a temporary solution for normal function while we make your veneer or bridge. Proper hygiene and regular visits to the dentist contribute significantly to the durability of the veneer or the bridge.

Ceramic veneers and bridges are a solution for patients who choose not to have teeth implants.

Metal ceramic

This is a quality solution for replacing missing teeth. The metal basic structure is durable and it has a solid look, especially for front teeth veneers.

Non-metal ceramic

This is a top quality aesthetic ceramic. It is made from biocompatible material that does not cause allergic reactions in the mouth. It is an ideal solution for those who prefer a natural look. Non-metal ceramic is quite often not recognised even by dentists.

REMOVABLE DENTURESzobna-protetika-300x200

We make removable dentures when we decide that there are not enough teeth in the mouth to make a bridge. Dentures can be partial, or complete if the patient has no remaining teeth. When using a complete prosthesis, it can be attached to four implants (all 4 system dental implants).

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