Bio aesthetic fillings

3,12BIO or BPA FREE white fillings are quite well-known in West Europe and the USA; however, they are still a novelty in Slovenia – for both patients and dentists. BPA (Bisphenol A) has been widely used since 1950. It is primarily used in industry and in the production of plastic packaging. Research on its potential impact on human health have shown very different results – from denial to the very harmful impact this substance can have on the health of adults and children. Although the responsible institutions in this area ensure that the permitted quantities of BPA are not hazardous to health, we must carefully monitor the situation, mostly with regard to the fact that BPA is used to obtain one of the basic components for producing white fillings. BPA FREE bio composite fillings are made from high-quality purified components and are subject to strict regular BPA release controls, ensuring their complete safety for the health of our patients. Make an appointment