Paediatric dentist

It is very important that children develop a good attitude to visiting the dentist. In this way, you will spare yourself and your child a lot of time, tears and worry. Healthy baby teeth are very important because they prepare the place for the permanent teeth and enable proper development and growth of the jaw.

So, children – keep every lost baby tooth healthy and shiny so that you won’t disappoint the tooth fairy!

The professionals at our centre will take great care of the teeth of your children, too. We will talk your child through the procedure, thus gaining the child’s trust. Every visit to our centre will be a special event for your children.


zalitje-fisur-300x200Prevention is very important in paediatric dentistry – not only to protect healthy teeth. Both of these procedures are completely painless and an excellent way for children to gain confidence in visits to the dentist.

The teeth fissures on the upper surface of each tooth are quite difficult to clean. By filling these fissures, we prevent food from accumulating in the fissures and thus we prevent tooth decay.

Protective fluoride coating or fluoridation of child’s teeth is a procedure used to enhance the quality of the enamel, so that it becomes stronger and more resistant to decay.


  • Do not forget about the very first visit to the dentist. Care of baby teeth starts when your child grows his or her first tooth. This is a time when you should visit the dentist even if the child does not have any problems with their teeth. This will enable all of us to make the first visit pleasant and for your child to feel safe and protected, so that the child will have no fear of visiting the dentist next time.
  • Prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist. Explain in a simple manner what the clinic looks like and what happens there.otroski-zobozdravnik-300x200
  • Don’t forget – never mention any bad experiences you may have had with the dentist.
  • Remember – toothpaste for adults is not appropriate for children. Use toothpaste adapted to the age of your child. Use very small amounts of toothpaste.
  • Replace the child’s toothbrush every three to four months. You should replace it earlier if the child had a cold or was ill.
  • Help your child clean their teeth. Bear in mind that children do not have fully-developed motor skills and therefore need your help. If you have any doubts or issues with regard to teeth brushing techniques, we will be more than happy to help you.
  • After a thorough evening teeth brushing children must only drink water or unsweetened tea. In this way children keep their mouths clean through the night, which reduces the likelihood of decay.

Don’t worry – visiting the dentist with a child should not be a traumatic experience. With the good cooperation between parents and the dentist at our centre, your child will become a satisfied and happy patient!

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