edontonija-300x293Endodonty or root canal treatment is a procedure used when the inflammation of a tooth nerve progresses to the extent where the nerve cannot be preserved. The dental nerve must be removed from the root canal, and then the empty space must be expanded, disinfected and permanently filled with biocompatible material. This prevents the spreading of bacteria, bone inflammation, granuloma or suppurative abscesses causing bone decay and serious health issues.

A successful root canal treatment is a precondition for any further tooth treatments (fillings, veneers).

The procedure is completely painless (local anaesthesia) and is most frequently implemented during a single visit to the dentist, increasing the success rate of the procedure and also being more pleasant for the patient.

Thanks to the Skylab Dental and Diagnostics Centre, unpleasant and painful treatment of root canals taking several weeks or months is now in the past. Make an appointment