Oral surgery

Closeup portrait of a smiling senior woman against white backgroundDirect collaboration between your personal dentist and oral surgeon provides the best treatment results. In collaboration with Dr Primož Jager, oral surgery specialist, we offer our patients the possibility of various oral surgeries in one place. The surgeries are implemented with the most advanced technologies, in strictly controlled sterile conditions and in accordance with the newest professional guidelines. All procedures are performed under local anaesthesia and are completely pain free.


  • Implantology,
  • Alveotomy – extraction or removal of wisdom and other teeth,
  • Apioectomy – a surgical procedure in which pathological contents (cysts or granuloma) are removed,
  • Sinus lift,
  • Tooth or root extraction etc.


Advanced biotechnology procedure used to:

  • accelerate the healing of periodontal tissues after surgery,
  • accelerate the stabilisation of dental implants,
  • prevent infections or extended bleeding after surgery.

The procedure is fast, simple and painless. After blood is drawn, it is centrifuged to separate the blood cells from the plasma in just a few minutes. The plasma is then placed in the wound, thus starting a 7-day release of your own growth factors that accelerate regeneration or healing.

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