Periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a dental tissues and dental bones disease. It most commonly occurs due to incorrect and insufficient mouth hygiene. Some research has shown that 80% of Slovenians suffer from some form of periodontal disease. It is one of the most frequent causes of teeth loss in adult patients. This is quite a serious disease, frequently overlooked by patients. It is most commonly discovered by a dentist.
The first signs of periodontitis are:

  • recurring bleeding of dental tissues during brushing,
  • swollen dental tissues, which are intensely red,
  • bad breath and taste in the mouth,
  • teeth sensitivity,
  • “travelling” teeth changing their position.

parodontitis-300x101What causes periodontal disease? It is caused by build-up of plaque and tartar in the periodontal pocket due to insufficient and incorrect dental hygiene. Bacteria accumulate and cause inflammation or gingivitis. Plaque hardened on the tooth is called tartar.

Untreated gingivitis will lead to a progression of the bacterial infection. Bacteria destroy periodontal tissues and cause the separation of the tooth from the gums. Small spaces or pockets emerge between the tooth and gums. This is the first phase of periodontitis.
The pockets are the perfect spot for bacteria which continue to destroy the tissues and cause movement and loss of one or several teeth. This is progresses periodontitis.

Periodontal disease can be discovered and prevented by regular dental checks, x-ray imaging, appropriate teeth brushing technique and professional cleaning of teeth at the dentist.


zdravi-zobje-300x200There are special groups of people who are more exposed to risk of periodontal disease. These involve cardiac patients, diabetics, smokers, patients who take immunosuppressants, pregnant women and teenagers.
If you belong to any of these groups, we recommend that you make an appointment for a free preventive examination, where we will check if you have any signs of initial or progressing periodontitis. Make an appointment